2017 Academy Brass Audition Book
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The 2017 Academy Brass Audition Book (in downloadable pdf format) is an incredible resource for all students and instructors of marching brass ensembles.  This 78 page document includes detailed descriptions of breathing, embouchure development, slurs and articulation styles, pitch and intonation, etc. for all sections of the brass section.  Also included are music and technique exercises that The Academy brass section will be using throughout the 2017 season.

You must download this file within 24 hours of purchase...please download to a computer, not a phone...

NOTE: Prospective members planning on auditioning for the corps are required to submit the $50 online application form prior to auditioning.  This manual is available for free to all of those brass applicants. IF YOU ARE AUDITIONING PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE THIS!!

Submit the application form at the link below to register to audition and gain access to this Brass Audition Book and other critical audition information today.


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2017 Academy Brass Audition Book

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